In malvan you can plan 5 days trip. We have mentioned the breakup of Itinerary to tarkarli Malvan

Bhogave Beach

Bhogave Beach

  • Bhogave Beach : Bhogave beach location is one of the beautiful beaches situated in south 20 kms from Malvan and is reknowned for Karli River and Arabian Sea where dolphins are spotted in Winter.
  • Also distance from pune to bhogave beach is 420 kms.

Nivati Beach


  • Nivati beach offers peace and scenery to independent travellers Fishermen seen launching their traditional boats and nets daily into the sea is an interesting feature to watch on this beach.
  • Distance from Malvan to Nivati beach vengurla is 32 kms.

Redi Temple

Redi Temple

  • Distance from from malvan temple to Redi Ganpati temple is approximately 70 kms.
  • Redi temple is famous for its history as the ganapati idol was found in one of the manganese mines.

Sindhudurg Fort

sindhudurg fort

  • Sindhudurg fort is located in the Arabian sea just of the coast of Maharashtra in western india
  • The fort was build in 1667 and named as Sindhudurg fort by Shivaji Maharaj
  • Also sindhudurg fort coconut tree is famous as it has a branch in coconut tree which is historical
  • You can find the images of the coconut tree in sindhudurg fort images

 Devbaug Beach


  • Devbaug beach malvan is famous for the tsunami island which is in middle of the sea and is a great tourist attraction.
  • Also devbaug tarkarli is famous for the watersports and the sangam point where the river and sea meets together

Tarkarli Beach


  • Tarkarli beach malvan is famous for the clean waters and great place to view some beautiful birds offshore
  • Also Tarkarli beach scuba diving is famous for Parasailing and Scuba diving where you can find one of the best corals underwaters which is clear

Rock Garden 

Rock Garden

  • One of the places to visit in malvan is the rock garden especially for the kids to fun and enjoy.
  • Also the rock garden sunset point malvan is famous for the beautiful view
  • The rock garden malvan has specif timings while you go there


  • Devgad city is famous for its Alponso Mangoes where where you can enjoy the sweet mangoes
  • Also devgad fort is famous for the historial view
  • Also we have a wax museum in devgad of varoiuos actors
  • Also devgad beach is nearby to have some tourist attraction

   Kunkeshwar Temple 

kunkeshwar Temple

  • A holy pilgrimage place for Lord Shiva is located about 14 kilometers from Devgad Taluka in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. This place is also called Konkan Kashi because of its spiritual significance. The town is Kunkeshwar, which is located in the Sindhudurg district.
  • The presiding deity at this temple is Lord Shiva in his Shivling form. The idol is made of white stone. It is considered to be a Swambhu (self manifested) jyotirling.
  • Also kunkeshwar beach is famous for the seas shore

Water Sports

  • Water Sports in malvan is the best for tourist attraction where there is actual and frolic
  • Tarkarli Scuba Diving is one of the famous water sports where you can do Parasailing and Scuba diving and explore the underwater world.

Other Activities

Water Sports plays an important role where in you can enjoy have fun.


snorkeling in malvan

Snorkelling is a practice in which we have our guide experts who will help us swim by providing well equipped diving mask and a shaped tube called Snorkel. You will be able to view corals, star fish , jelly fish and various kind of fish which are underwater.

Scuba Diving 


Scuba Diving in malvan is one of the most adventurous water sports where in our guide experts will take you underwater with well-equipped Oxygen mask and Cylinderers to explore the Underwater world.

You will be able to view the real life under water world with variety of corel fish. You will also be e able to capture live videos of the fun which you will be having under water.

Jet Ski 


We have mostly seen such sports bike jet ski in movies where the hero takes a ride here in malvan tarkarli we too have this fun so come and feel like a hero and take a ride ill middle of the sea.

Banana Ride


Under Malvan rides in watersports you will be able to do the banana ride where you have to sit with your collegues in the banana boat and take a ride in the middle of the sea.



Parasailing falls under malvan tarkarli adventure sports which is awesome fun. Be a bird and fly up in the ocean and watch the waves down below to experience a exiticing adventure.

Dolphin View 


Along with the other activities the best time to see dolphins in tarkarli malvan is in the morning time. We have a beautiful dolphin point in tarkarli. We also have the presence to see the friendliest mammals on earth which is the dolphin.

Fish Auction in Malvan 

Malvan is amongst the best fish market in Konkan region. We have variety of fresh sea fish market here in the malvan city. The fish auction in Malvan generally happens early morning at 5:30 am and 6:30 pm onwards in the shore of Dandi beach.

Shopping in Malvan

Malvan market is famous for Cashew Nuts , kokam juice and various other products.